Spiritual Grit

Why do some people thrive when they face great challenges, while others wither?

Researchers have discovered steely, determined people have a nuclear reactor at their core called...grit. Grit is the will to keep going when persistence isn't enough. It's the commitment to stay the course when it would be a relief to give up. National best-selling books and viral TED Talks have made grit a cultural phenomenon, touted as powerful tool for personal and professional success.

But even the researchers admit they don't really know where grit comes from, or how to grow it...

And that's what launched Rick Lawrence, author of The Jesus-Centered Life and general editor of the Jesus-Centered Bible, on a two-year journey to explore the true source of our grit. Researchers say it's fueled by “a passion for something higher than yourself.” For those who have a growing passion for Jesus, nothing trumps the “something higher” they've discovered. And no one in history has a better track record of growing grit in others than Jesus—he cultivates core strength in every person he meets.

These two truths form the foundation for Spiritual Grit: A Journey Into Endurance. Character. Confidence. Hope.

Even though we're desperate for the strength to persevere in the midst of our challenges, we're painfully aware that our supply is often less than the demand. We need a source of grit outside ourselves. We get what we need when, as Jesus told us, the “branch stays connected to the Vine”—our growing intimacy with Him gives us access to His bottomless well of grit.

In Spiritual Grit, you'll experience how and why Jesus sometimes chooses to inject hardship into our lives rather than remove it. From the value of taking risks to the challenge of letting loved ones take personal responsibility during adversity, Lawrence paves an insightful, practical path toward greater endurance, confidence, character, and hope.

Read Spiritual Grit, and you'll discover:

• Biblical stories of those who grew a “grit backbone” as a result of their interactions with Jesus.

• A broad menu of life habits that fertilize our spiritual grit.

• How to identify habits that undermine your grit.

• An exclusive Spiritual Grit Assessment to help readers assess and develop their core strength.

Without Jesus, grit is just another self-help gimmick. With Jesus, grit can infuse the world—and our lives—with hope.

Spiritual Grit is ideal for Christians who feel stuck in their personal trajectory, for parents interested in helping their kids develop spiritual grit, and for anyone wanting to invest in their spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth.