About Me

Like everyone else, I usually introduce myself by listing what I do, rather than describing what's most important to me. So I'll take the road less traveled and answer this question first: “What do you stand for?”

I stand for the mission of Jesus in the world, not because it's the Christian thing to do, but because I'm captured and conquered by His heart...

The truth that overshadows everything in my life is simple: I am ruined by Jesus and ruined for Jesus. I mean, my love for Jesus, and my pursuit of Him, infiltrates every aspect of my identity. He is my raw necessity—most days, I'm desperate for Him in the same way a man crawling through the desert is desperate for water.

Under that overshadowing truth, I'm a husband to Bev, a spitfire Irish/Italian wife, and father to two delightful girls, Lucy and Emma. Every living thing in our home was female until a certain brutish male cat joined our all-girl pet lineup.

I'm Executive Director of Vibrant Faith—we come alongside ministry leaders to resource, train, coach, and conduct large-scale research projects. We have a rich history in the church, living out the vision of our founder, Dr. Merton Strommen. I invite you to “taste and see” what we're doing at VibrantFaith.org. I'm an author of 40 books and curriculums, and a speaker, ministry leader, and trainer. For three decades I led the youth ministry resourcing and training mission of Group Publishing, and was Executive Editor of GROUP Magazine. While there, I helped launch a line of books and resources for adults called “Jesus-Centered.”

I'm also the creator and host of a podcast called Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus, now in its sixth season. You can check out current and past episodes, HERE.

I invite you to connect in relationship through a kindred pursuit of Jesus. Here you'll find excerpts and overviews of my books, blog entries, video clips, and opportunities to include me in what you're doing through speaking, consulting, and editing. There's nothing more treasured in life than the “you too?” of a discovered passion. So...you too?

Two simple ways to connect...

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 303-941-6010

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