Editing Jesus - Final Cover

Editing Jesus

Confronting the Distorted Faith of the American Church

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JCL Book Image

Jesus-Centered Daily

See. Hear. Touch. Smell. Taste.

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JCL Cover-Amazon

The Jesus-Centered Life

The Life You Didn't Think Was Possible, With the Jesus You Never Knew.

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The God Who Fights for You

The God Who Fights for You

How He Shows Up In Your Suffering

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Shrewd Book Image


Daring to Live the Startling Demand of Jesus

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Suicide Solution Book Image

The Suicide Solution

Finding your way out of the darkness

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Spiritual Grit Book Image

Spiritual Grit

A Journey Into Endurance. Character. Confidence. Hope.

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Skin In the Game Book IMage

Skin In The Game

Living an Epic Jesus-Centered Life

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JCYM Book Image

Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry

Moving From Jesus-Plus to Jesus-Only

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