Skin In the Game

Skin In the Game: Living an Epic Jesus-Centered Life—If we’re paying attention to the way Jesus related to people, we discover that He asked every person He ever met to invest their “skin in the game”—a risky personal investment—to find the life they always longed for. You can have that life, if you will embrace the way He’s attempting to bring freedom to your captivity, right now…


“Risk reading this book. It is a short, powerful, and wise reflection on what a Jesus-centered life looks like and what Jesus-centered people wrestle with if they stay the course.”
Dan Webster, President of Authentic Leadership, Inc., and author of Finding Your Way.

“Rick’s book is engaging, challenging, and…well, epic. It is impossible to close this book as the same person you were when you opened it.”
Phil Callaway, host of Laugh Again radio and author of Tricks My Dog Taught Me

“A slim book that hums with powerful energy, biblical strategy, and deep theology for ‘Christ-in-us’ living.”
Leonard Sweet, best-selling author, professor, and chief contributor to

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