Shrewd: Daring to Live the Startling Command of Jesus—“The Parable of the Shrewd Manager” is likely the one teaching of Jesus you’ve never heard about in church—though He intended for His followers to own the message embedded in his story, few of us have. Here’s how sheep who are wandering among wolves can draw close to Jesus while exponentially growing their redemptive impact, changing the world as they go.”


“Most of my life, I’ve felt guilty about dealing shrewdly with the world—particularly in the ultra-complex Middle East where I serve. This book has not only given me permission to be shrewd but has provided the biblical framework for it. I encourage anyone who is following Jesus into this wild-ride big adventure into the real world to give this book a serious read.”

Carl Medearis, author of Speaking of Jesus and Muslims, Christians and Jesus.

Shrewd is almost flawless. Rick Lawrence explores Jesus’ mysterious command to be ‘as wise as a serpent, as innocent as a dove’­ from every angle imaginable. From the opening exchange with the author’s daughter, to the last line of admonition—‘Live innocently shrewd’—you are hooked into a mesmerizing journey that shows the reader how to follow, not Mr. Nice Guy, but the ‘Sensei of Shrewd.’”
Leonard Sweet, best-selling author, professor at Drew University and George Fox University, and chief contributor to

“This book is flat-out brilliant! Ten pages in and my friends and I were already asking ourselves in meetings, ‘How can we be shrewd in this situation?’ I loved this book!”

Jon Acuff, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Quitter and Stuff Christians Like

“It has been some time since a book has changed how I think in everyday ministry situations. Shrewd has done just that. Rick Lawrence redefines the leadership task in the balance of Jesus’ imperative to be shrewd and innocent. Shrewd gets better with each turn of the page—a rare feat—and it will be on the reading list for my leadership classes.”

Terry Linhart, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Bethel College-Indiana

Shrewd is part handbook for those wishing to minister to others and part expose of the character of Jesus Christ. The book serves as a guide for engaging people to make an impact—ultimately on their eternity. Once again, Rick Lawrence has taken a verse of scripture which many Christians have read with perhaps a vague understanding of its meaning and deconstructs the reader’s individual schemata, resulting in a deeper, richer, more robust knowledge of who Jesus is and what He expects of us.”

Robyn Trippany Simmons, PhD, professor of counseling at Walden University.

“The Tango I was dancing with the Holy Spirit was stiff, uncertain, and hesitant. I let others define my actions with their definitions and interpretations of how I should follow my dance partner. I now have permission to close my eyes, breathe Him in, and follow His bold, strong, and shrewd ways. My intimate dance with Jesus from here forward will be one of passionate trust. This is another of Rick Lawrence’s books I have decimated with dog-ears and highlights.”

Michelle Pendergrass, former atheist, author, publisher of The Midnight Diner and Relief Journal, former president of ccPublishing, mixed-media artist, and creator of and

“Disappointed with being pushed around and minimized in your spiritual life? Had enough of the mediocre? Tired of being on the losing side of a faith that often feels simplistic and ridiculous? You need to get Shrewd! Understanding and living into this rarely-taught and profoundly transformative imperative can change everything in how you live a life of faith. Only pick it up if you want your bell rung. I read it and my ears are still ringing.”

Dan Webster, founder of Authentic Leadership, Inc.

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