Rick Lawrence has been speaking in front of large crowds of adults, parents and teenagers for over 20 years. Bringing charisma, passion and talent to the stage, he never fails to keep people engaged.

Working with youth pastors to engage teenagers from the front of the room weekly (do you know how hard that is?) he has honed a unique interactive style that gets the entire room involved.

Your audience will walk away:

  • Refreshed
  • Inspired
  • Connected
  • Changed
  • Noticed

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Workshops / Break Out Sessions

Rick has dozens of previously developed and honed workshops that can be customized to fit different audiences and time lengths. Each workshop topic can be scaled for breakout sessions with large or small groups.


Trainings for Educators

Rick's unique experience working with teens and young adults in education and sensitive topics (suicide, school-shootings, anxiety and raising kids with grit) gives him a unique perspective for educators. Often called upon by colleges and school districts to come in and share what his career learning has taught him.